About Us

CJP’s Initiative for Day School Excellence supports Greater Boston's 14 Jewish day schools’ individual quests for institutional and academic excellence. The initiative focuses on four main areas:

  • Access – removing barriers for any interested student to attend day school
  • Advocacy – informing the public about the unique benefits of a Jewish day school education
  • Excellence– engaging with schools in strategic planning efforts to ensure academic excellence
  • Affordability – addressing the financial burden of the rising cost of tuition

A community plan grounded in research and data

CJP’s Affordability Initiative is a volunteer effort led by CJP’s Day School Education Commission (DSEC). At its core is the belief that all Jewish children should have access to a Jewish day school education.

In a two-year study conducted by the DSEC, findings proved that many middle tier income families value the benefits of Jewish day school, but are discouraged by the high cost of tuition and long-term impact on their savings. These findings led to CJP’s Discover Day School Program.

What is a “middle tier” income family?

These are families who do not qualify for substantial (if any) financial assistance from day schools, yet find the cost of day school education prohibitive. Middle tier families considering day school often decide against enrolling on the basis of cost, and so never discover the value it can provide their children and family. CJP’s Discover Day School Program is designed for this group of families.

Why “first in the family”?

The purpose of CJP’s Discover Day School Program is to lower financial barriers for families who have not yet experienced all that our Jewish day schools have to offer. Therefore, this pilot program requires that the student receiving a CJP Discover Day School Check be the “first in the family” to attend a Jewish day school.

Why in lieu of financial assistance?

CJP’s Discover Day School Program requires families to choose between school-based financial assistance and CJP Discover Day School Checks. Day schools already provide substantial financial assistance to families on the lower end of the income spectrum. These families generally receive greater financial assistance than they would with CJP’s Discover Day School Checks. Those who opt for a Discover Day School Check will be families who receive either no financial assistance or a smaller award than the Discover Day School Check value. Because Discover Day School has been structured to dovetail with school-based financial assistance programs, DDS Checks can only apply to grades where the school also makes financial assistance available.

The start of a solution

Funds for the CJP Discover Day School Program are the result of generous designated gifts by visionary and passionate day school supporters. They understand the value of day school as well as the financial challenge families face. This pilot program is one component of a broader effort to address day school affordability. The CJP Discover Day School Program will bring to the schools a new pipeline of students whose families might have opted out due to cost. The schools and current students will all benefit from the infusion of increased revenue, spirit and energy these students and their families will bring.

In an nutshell

CJP Discover Day School Checks cover 25% of tuition (up to $6,000) of your child’s tuition for three consecutive years at any of Greater Boston’s 10 elementary/middle day schools. To qualify:

  • Your incoming student must be the first child in your family to enroll in one of our Jewish day schools
  • Your child must be accepted to a day school for the 2019-20 school year
  • Your family must meet our income requirements
  • CJP Discover Day School Checks must be used in lieu of any school financial assistance

Key Dates

January 4, 2019
Applications will become available
March 15, 2019
Application must be e-mailed or postmarked to CJP (CJP Discover Day School Checks are sent to eligible families on rolling basis)
April 8, 2019
Eligible families must submit CJP Discover Day School Check to school of choice with signed intention to enroll. Waitlist created for late submissions
May 6, 2019
Families must provide copy of filed 2018 IRS Form 1040 to CJP for Discover Day School check to be reimbursed

Fast Facts

In a world of increasing fragmentation and alienation, a Jewish day school education can give a child the precious assets of life long identity and friendship.

Differentiated instruction

Often referred to as an educational philosophy, differentiated instruction is viewed as a proactive approach to instruction. This approach requires teachers to tailor their instruction and adjust the curriculum to students’ needs rather than expecting students to modify themselves to fit the curriculum.

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